Loan installment – what components does it contain Cost of loan APRC

Are you wondering what is included in the loan installment ? What determines the height of this parameter? If so, then it is really worth reading today’s article, where you will find answers to these issues. What makes up the loan installment Of course, the installment of the loan depends primarily on the specific mortgage, […]

Payday loan payment. An employee loan will help?

Online loans are a great way to get quick financial help in case of sudden expenses. They are simple, widely available and are often referred to as the so-called instant loans – no formalities or certificates. However, it is not always possible to pay them back on time. Sometimes there are other unforeseen expenses or […]

Where is the explosive borrowing going, will there be another credit crunch?

Applying for and placing loans is huge in our country! Many call 2019 the year of the credit crunch! As we are experiencing an increase in loan placements day by day, we are well on our way to bringing the country’s population into debt again! The strongest growth in borrowing for personal loans, and a […]

The interest rate on subsidized loans may increase

As a result of a Federation proposal, the maximum interest rate on government-subsidized home loans may be raised to 130 percent of government bond yields, plus 3 percentage points, according to a document held by the World Economy. The interest rate on subsidized loans is currently under 10%, even in the worst case scenario (banks […]

You can also take out a state-subsidized GFIC loan for a used home, property purchased before July 1st!

The baby-sitting family is now lucky if the sales contract is pushed out until May and then they can get the GFIC credit. Loans with a maximum interest rate According to the Act, “after July 1, GFIC loans with a maximum interest rate of up to 3% and up to HUF 15 million can be […]