Direct lender online loan -Request a payday loan from direct online lenders only

Request a payday loan from direct online lenders only

Time has advanced and today everything is much faster than ever. This also applies to loans. What was previously a matter of lengthy furnishing is a matter of minutes. No queues at bank branches or non-bank companies do not need to stand, because there is also an online way that will reveal to you. A payday loan online direct lender via the green-touch official website has become a popular product that is increasingly being sought and used by more and more clients. 

In the last few years, so-called micro-loans have experienced a significant boom. Sometimes they have also nicknamed payday loans and their purpose is clear. The company will lend you a smaller amount of money, typically around five thousand dollars, for a short period. The loan period usually does not exceed 30 days. Therefore, for these loans, you can not follow the mandatory date APR, because it indicates the annual cost and logically is huge amounts, even in the order of several hundred percent. However, when recalculated for the borrowing period, ie the month aforementioned, the amount is much more acceptable.

In addition, if you have a problem repaying the entire amount, most companies allow deferral. You simply pay the contractual extension fee and the maturity will be extended for another period. This way you can postpone maturity several times in a row for some companies. And the fee will still not be too high, so this is an additional service that sometimes really comes in handy.

Quick Loan – Online comparison

One of the many players in the fast small loan market is. He will provide you with a payout of 500 to 20 000 dollars. You can choose a maturity of one to thirty days. The advantage is a quick transfer of money. If your application is approved, you have money in your account within 15 minutes. And the conditions for obtaining? These are really minimal here. A quick online loan doesn’t want much! All you have to do is be over 18 years old, have citizenship, of course, a permanent residence and a stable income that you can prove.

But an online loan doesn’t mean just a few thousand missing payouts. You can also borrow a larger amount over the Internet. For example, the lender offers up to USD 300,000 for 84 months.

Benefits of a fast online loan

  • you don’t have to visit a bank
  • financial assistance available
  • some companies pay their money even at the weekend
  • processing within minutes via the Internet

Disadvantages of fast online loans

  • interest rate
  • APR is high

Loan installment – what components does it contain Cost of loan APRC

Are you wondering what is included in the loan installment ? What determines the height of this parameter? If so, then it is really worth reading today’s article, where you will find answers to these issues.

What makes up the loan installment

What makes up the loan installment

Of course, the installment of the loan depends primarily on the specific mortgage, car, investment, consolidation etc. The larger the loan, the larger the installments to be reckoned with. This is probably clear. The repayment period also plays a big role here. Currently, there are really many possibilities. Customers can choose a longer or shorter period. What is more beneficial? It all depends on the specific financial possibilities. Please note that a longer period means smaller installments . Similarly, it works the other way around. The shorter the period, the more you have to take into account the larger monthly commitments. However, it is quicker to get rid of the loan.

What else do you need to consider

money laon

The loan installment also consists of the interest rate set by the bank. It should be emphasized that the institutions operating on the market have their own separate policy. This means that the interest rates are really different in every bank. However, this is not all. You should also remember about the bank’s commission and fees related to specific loans. Remember that institutions of this type must earn from their clients. No wonder that the larger the loan, the longer the repayment period, the greater the additional costs. It is also worth writing about loan insurance. Currently, more and more people are choosing this solution. It is beneficial, but of course you have to pay extra for them. If someone decides to take a loan in a foreign currency, an important indicator is also spread – it is a fee that is the difference between the rates of specific currencies.

How to choose the cheapest loan

How to choose the cheapest loan

How can you make the loan installment as small as possible? Assuming that you are interested in a specific loan amount, you must decide on institutions that have the most favorable rrso ratio. This is the actual annual interest rate, which includes all components of the loan. It is probably clear that the smaller the other component, the lower the costs associated with obtaining a specific mortgage, consolidation, investment loan, etc.

Payday loan payment. An employee loan will help?

Online loans are a great way to get quick financial help in case of sudden expenses. They are simple, widely available and are often referred to as the so-called instant loans – no formalities or certificates. However, it is not always possible to pay them back on time. Sometimes there are other unforeseen expenses or twists of fate, which can make the repayment of the loan difficult or even impossible. It is not worth waiting for the loan to expire, because it will mean serious consequences, including high fees or even a debt claim. So where can you look for more financing if the bank refuses to cooperate? An employee loan can help.


When and where can I use the employee loan?

payday loan payment

Employee loans are granted from the loan and assistance fund. This, unfortunately, is not created from above in every company, but only in those in which at least 10 employees declare to belong and create such a cash register. This involves the payment of an appropriate fee, i.e. the entry fee, the amount of which is determined depending on the amount of the average remuneration (it can be several dozen dollars or e.g. 1% of the amount of the average remuneration). Moreover, the members of the credit union must bear the costs of maintaining the same, which means that the amount is deducted from their monthly salary. An employee who has already achieved a specific seniority may take advantage of the possibility of taking such a loan. It can be set freely, but usually it will be half a year.

There is another type of employee financing, i.e. a grant from the company social benefit fund, which can be obtained in the event of unforeseen mishap, co-financing of housing or health needs. If possible, it can even be non-returnable. Unfortunately, this will not be a way to pay back payday loans, because it is a special-purpose loan.


What are the types of employee loans?

employee loans

There is no one predetermined form of employee loans. It can be a loan, both short- and long-term, installment, with or without guarantee. The rules for granting loans, including its interest rate, the maximum number of installments, the repayment method are specified in the loan statute or regulations.


Is it worth using an employee loan?

Is it worth using an employee loan?

The undoubted and the biggest advantage of such loans is the fact that they are very low interest rate, and sometimes they are completely free of the cost of such a loan. In addition, repayment is automatic and the installment is always deducted from the employee’s salary. On the one hand, it is depriving him of some part of his monthly income, but on the other – he does not have to worry about the fact that loans in one month will not be able to repay, or forget about repayment.

Unfortunately, such a loan also has its drawbacks, which sometimes can cancel the chances of paying off payday loans. It is primarily low availability of this type of loans – one can observe a smaller and smaller interest in such loans among employees due to the availability of other loan forms, including online payday loan. You also have to take into account that the amounts available for borrowing can have a very wide range, depending on how many members of the loan and relief fund are and what funds it has. In addition, obtaining such a loan will involve the completion of various formalities and a relatively long waiting period for granting the loan. Therefore, they will not be a help in really urgent expenses, especially payday payments. The only solution in this case would be simply applying for such a loan in advance.

Another problem we may encounter is the termination of the employment relationship when the employee has not yet repaid the loan. The employee who has been dismissed by an independent decision of the employer finds himself in a comfortable situation, in which case the loan will be repaid on schedule. It is worse if the employee himself has given notice or if he has been disciplined. Then the workplace has the full right to terminate the loan agreement and demand immediate repayment.


Free payday loan to pay back the previous one?

Free payday loan to pay back the previous one?

As we mentioned, employee loans are very attractive mainly due to their very low interest rate. It is logical that if you want to save on another loan to pay off the previous one, you prefer to avoid additional fees. However, taking into account the disadvantages of an employee loan, it is worth considering taking a free payday loan, which can be obtained in 15 minutes.

This solution is definitely not recommended for everyone, but only for those who can think carefully and plan their home budget or, for example, have the prospect of obtaining additional cash that would allow them to pay off the next payday soon. Either way, a borrower who doesn’t want to use another payday loan has a number of other options that will be safer:

  • Extension of the repayment period or refinancing – a solution that involves fees, but allows you to get some breath and not expose yourself to the consequences of non-repayment. Instead, you can tailor the loan extension to your needs and apply for an additional 7, 14 or 30 days.
  • Taking an installment loan – this solution will also be quite costly in general, especially when compared to an employee loan, which will also be repaid in installments. The advantage of such a loan is, however, the fact that it is more easily available than an employee loan, no one will ask the applicant how to spend the money, and also that it can be obtained very quickly.

One could wonder which loan would be better. It is true, however, that each – both employee and non-bank – will have its pros and cons. Which of them will prevail will depend entirely on the borrower’s situation. So consider all options before we make a decision. Another commitment is an additional burden that should be thought twice.

Installment loans for young people

Reaching age and receiving an ID card is an important stage in everyone’s life. At this point, you can decide for yourself, your life choices and finances. Young people often face a lack of money, which is why they willingly use the services of the non-banking sector. Many companies have been offering loans for 18 years , but are such products really available on the market and are they a good solution to financial problems?


Youth loan – who has a chance to get it?

Youth loan - who has a chance to get it?

Most young people cannot count on a traditional bank loan due to the lack of sufficient creditworthiness . It is hard to imagine that an 18-year-old, who is still in education, already has a stable source of income and has any credit history . Non-bank companies operate on slightly different principles as the banking sector, which is why they offer quick loans to young people, granting them on simplified terms. After all, it is difficult to find offers for 18 years , because most lenders have set the criterion for granting a loan for a minimum of 20 years. It is a safeguard not only for the interests of the company, but also for a young person who, through imprudent financial management, may fall into the trap of debts and cause problems.


Why is it difficult to find installment loans for 18 years?

installment loans

Although the market for non-bank services enjoys considerable granting and accessibility, lenders require clients to meet certain conditions. Non -bank loans for young people are not granted to anyone who applies. A specific age criterion from 20 years is intended to prevent abuse by customers and protect against default. First of all, the point is that young people do not always have their savings, do not have a permanent job and in many cases they are supported by their parents. In addition, they are not always wise about finances, spending money mainly on pleasure. Such a cash loan could not be repaid on time, which would have unpleasant consequences, such as entering on the list of debtors and even bailiff seizure.


Why do young people get a cash loan?

money loan

The needs change at every stage of life, which is why installment loans are used for various purposes. First of all, young people need money for small expenses and their livelihood after moving out of their family home. The National Register of Debtors even conducted a detailed market research, developing a report entitled “Financial Portrait of Youth”. It shows that, contrary to appearances, young people do not take non-bank loans at their own pleasure, but important things related to everyday life:

Most young people use installment loans to decorate their home or shop at home. For the holidays and for their own hobby, money from loans is allocated by few young people, which proves their sound financial management.


How are non-bank loans for young people granted?

In addition to the basic age criterion, young people must also meet other conditions to receive cash. First of all, remember that an installment loan is a more complex product than a traditional payday loan. It is granted for a larger sum and for a longer loan period, which is why lenders check their clients a bit more carefully before considering the application. One of the most important conditions is a solid income , despite the fact that this form hides various sources, not just work with a permanent contract. Lenders grant money without certificates , but require some financial stability by offering:

  • Student loans – granted on the basis of a student loan , income from weekend or occasional work or private lessons.
  • Loans for young farmers – the basis for granting money may be income from running a farm and other gainful work.
  • A loan for young married couples – in this case, the source of income may be funds from 500+, renting an apartment or other social benefits.

The cash loan is granted for any purpose, so you do not need to show proof of expenditure. This distinguishes non-bank loans from traditional loans and allows for freedom in money management. Young people can allocate the funds obtained to home , further education or business development, thus improving their financial situation.


Why is it worth using an installment loan?

Why is it worth using an installment loan?

Popular payday loans can be a good solution if you have to cover small expenses. Unfortunately, the amounts usually awarded are not high and the need to repay the entire liability within 30 days can lead to debt . A loan for young people with repayment in installments allows for a better adaptation to the needs, as you determine the amount of the loan and subsequent installments and the repayment date. After completing all formalities, the money goes to the account within 15 minutes , so you do not have to wait many weeks for a decision, as is the case with banks. Timely repayment of commitments is a good idea to build your credit history for the future, making it much easier to use financial products offered not only by non-bank companies, but also the banking sector.


What to remember when applying for a non-bank loan?

What to remember when applying for a non-bank loan?

When borrowing, please remember that you will have to give back all your money. Therefore, the most important thing is to determine the amount and amount of installments that will be repayable. The cash loan is granted without unnecessary formalities and without certificates, but you cannot exaggerate with its amount so as not to get into a spiral of debt. In addition, before submitting the application, it is worth analyzing several offers to choose the best one tailored to your specific needs. You must also remember about the timely repayment of each installment, because even a small delay is associated with the calculation of severe penalties.


Buy your new car: financed or cash?

Buying a car is part of many people’s dreams to fulfill. There are some who choose to buy a new car after years of savings , while others take advantage of the promotions in force by the banks to opt for a vehicle loan and obtain the vehicle before to pay it later.

If you are thinking of buying your new car , find out if some type of loan or credit or savings is your best option.

Purchase financed

Purchase financed

In Peru this is the least popular modality for those looking to buy a new car. Most people prefer to pay a car in cash. This type of payment for a new vehicle is ideal for those who do not have the total value of the car they wish to purchase.

To buy a financed car, it is preferable to evaluate some whose quotas do not affect the monthly budget of the buyer in order to avoid payment problems and indebtedness. When choosing financing it is always better to choose the financial institution that charges the lowest annual interest rate.



The favorite mode of buyers of a new car is cash. This, according to experts in financial education is not the most advisable and it should be taken into account that a car is a good whose value is depreciated. This means that when a new car leaves the store it loses 20% of its initial value .

Experts recommend that you prefer to make a purchase with a vehicle credit taking advantage of the economic Jabberwockcia to pay a higher initial percentage, and invest the remaining money in a profitable business that allows you to increase capital.

Another option is to use the smart purchase , which allows that after a couple of years you can choose to return the vehicle to the bank as a debt balance, or as a new guarantee for the acquisition of a new car. A convenient alternative considering that the value of the purchased car has been devalued since purchase.

Choose a savings plan

Choosing a targeted savings plan such as “auto savings” or “vehicle savings” (depending on the name given by each financial entity), makes it possible to open a savings account to show the bank that it is able to meet the monthly payment if a vehicle credit is granted.

This type of account allows you to collect for the initial fee of a vehicle for a period of time, after which it is possible to apply for the loan. The vehicle credit will be approved if the bank’s requirements are met (including reaching the minimum amount of the initial fee), in addition to choosing this method, you can earn interest on your savings.

It is always recommended that you save the most money for the initial fee of the car you want to buy . More than 20% is ideal to reduce borrowing time and monthly installments.

What is the CAT of Credit Cards?

Rate this post To apply for a credit card you need to consider a series of variables such as annuity and the discount programs that plastic entails in order to get the most out of our financial decisions. Among the important points that you must take into account to choose your card is the Total Annual Cost. If you still don’t know what CAT is, here we tell you.


What is the CAT?

credit loan

The CAT or, the Total Annual Cost, is a guide whose purpose is to help you calculate the total cost of financing your credits. For its calculation, the following are taken into account:

  • Interest rate
  • Account opening commissions
  • Annuity of your credit card

In case you did not know, it is a requirement of the law that the bank gives you the CAT information about your credit line. No one can charge you anything without being prevented from the beginning.


How is the CAT of credit cards calculated?

credit cards calculated?

You must use your numerical skills to get this data. Due to the obvious difficulty, the Bank of Mexico made an instruction explaining how to calculate the amount of the CAT with hair and signals.

In addition, you have a calculator exclusively for this process and you can find it here

Now, because of how cumbersome that can be, financial institutions can give you the calculation of your CAT in a personalized way.

In the case of exclusive credits, such as an automotive, mortgage or personal loans, you can use the calculator above, which is based on publications on the subject by Bansimo.


What CAT suits me?

What CAT suits me?

You must analyze and compare all the credit cards you can to make the decision that suits you. There can be a difference of up to 60 percentage points between 11 credit cards, nothing more and nothing less.

You should know that classic credit cards have the highest interest rates. There are also some cards on which you do not have to pay annuity.

On the other hand, to know which CAT suits you, you must know yourself as a buyer and identify what your requirements are. If you are looking to finance yourself with the TDC, you pay only the monthly minimum a very low CAT is useful. On the other hand, if you pay the balance you owe to the bank every month, worry about the annuity. If you can, find a way to avoid it.


Importance of CAT

importance of credit

The importance of the Total Annual Cost is that you will know for sure how much your credit is costing. In this way you can step on land when acquiring certain cards and raise awareness about the corresponding payments.

In conclusion…

Remember that debts with banks are not a good sign when choosing loans that help you finance projects. Whether you want to buy a house, a car, and all kinds of goods, it is important to maintain good relations with the banking entities that give you your trust. It is the only way to get what you want quickly!

Where is the explosive borrowing going, will there be another credit crunch?

Applying for and placing loans is huge in our country! Many call 2019 the year of the credit crunch! As we are experiencing an increase in loan placements day by day, we are well on our way to bringing the country’s population into debt again!

The strongest growth in borrowing for personal loans, and a significant increase in placements, could be a cause for concern, even though we are not experiencing mass credit defaults. Interest rates are also low, which is seemingly good, but also fraudulent, as a catastrophe in the background can have an explosive effect.

Interest rate hikes and tightening 


Let’s examine the chances of a crash. Could mass insolvency be stopped by interest rate hikes and tightening regulations? Let’s see if we should be afraid of a repeat credit crisis!

The disbursement of personal loans and home loans has once again reached enormous proportions, fearing that the rise in indebted retail loans will soon be a cause for concern.

Indeed, we can see a significant increase in lending to personal loans, but note that a steep increase in itself does not necessarily mean overheating in the retail credit market! So let’s compare the growth of personal loans over time.

It was 2009 when lending reached its peak, but the difference was great, because then foreign currency loans had soaring consequences! During the crisis, many families were unable to pay their increased loans, distrust of banks was right, and the bottom of the borrowing mood was in 2016.

After the low point, there was a sudden rise, which can only be seen as balancing earlier restrained behavior.

Now this may mean that the slope of the rise in placements is only a momentary condition and there is no chance of survival!

Banks are forecasting a slowdown in borrowing growth in 2019.

What do banks fear?


Personal loans are risky, and banks are paying close attention to reducing them. Interest rates on personal loans are still higher than on mortgage loans for home use or home loans.

It is easier to obtain because there is no need for collateral, or the bank may just ask for a guarantor.

  • exclusion is the active KHR list,
  • and a passive list is also difficult to access credit.

Compare Free-to-Use Personal and Mortgage Loans.

  • A personal loan has many advantages over a mortgage.
  • we also spend the free use mortgage on whatever we want,

Applying for a personal loan is significantly easier.

  • A personal loan is not covered by real estate, but by our income alone, and although you need to be a guarantor in many cases, you simply have to pay it in your account within hours because of the simple application.
  • Nowadays, it is a relief that you do not have to go to the bank personally, and you can even apply completely online.
  • Personal income is covered by our income – so the bank has several requirements: for example, you cannot be liquidated by your employer, you cannot be on probation, and the bank also examines our spending. According to JTM rules, our income is max. We can have 50% of our monthly repayment, but the bank can set a lower percentage.

On the other hand, applying for a mortgage loan is a little more complicated

  • Because banks provide real estate collateral, its valuation is time and money, so in many cases, disbursement is shifted to the weeks following the request.

Usually they require a lower amount of personal loan, with monthly payment of 40-50 thousand HUF. It is risky to ask for small loans or to cover your own in a cumulative way, since this is a significant risk, this is double indebtedness!

Low interest, low risk!

Low interest, low risk!

Even today personal interest rates are often one-digit and even lower!

Low interest rates, together with real wage growth, are a lower burden on the family, somewhat offset by a rise in the CPI. In most cases, interest rates on personal loans are fixed-term interest rates, because predictability and security are important to borrowers.

Serious labor shortages also reduce the risk, as the debtor can easily find another source of income instead of lost income.

Personal loan default rates, especially compared to other loans, are almost negligible in today’s credit environment.

The indebtedness of Hungarians is still far below the European average.

From this, we can see that if we want to settle our consumption from personal credit, in the current economic and market environment, we do not need to worry about our credit defaulting, it is rare for a personal credit failure.

“If something goes wrong, consult the bank, and don’t wait for the executive to knock on our door. It is not in the bank’s interest either to recover part of your claim through costly and time-consuming procedures, let alone to defraud the debtor. ”

With due care and attention, we do not have to worry about borrowing!

The aim of the GFI is to achieve interest rate stability and, in the current interest rate environment, to increase the inclination for fixed-rate loans.

If you are interested in personal and home loans, GFICs, consumer-friendly loans, contact our credit brokerage experts for free professional information!

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The interest rate on subsidized loans may increase

As a result of a Federation proposal, the maximum interest rate on government-subsidized home loans may be raised to 130 percent of government bond yields, plus 3 percentage points, according to a document held by the World Economy.

The interest rate on subsidized loans is currently under 10%, even in the worst case scenario (banks charge an average of 2-3% higher interest rate on unsecured home loans for housing loans).

If the new regulation goes into effect

Banks will be able to charge a 12 percent transaction rate on subsidized home loans over a one-year period. A two percent increase in interest on a $ 10,000,000 loan over a 20-year term will result in an increase of approximately $ 13-14,000 in installments.

(Due to interest rate subsidies (the Treasury assumes 50-70% of interest in the first year, depending on the purpose of borrowing and the number of children, then the subsidy is reduced to 35-50% in the 5th year) even with the raised ceiling, they could be charged at an interest rate of 6-8 percent, and later the installment will increase due to the lower level of support.)

The effect of this on the market may be that it may not make sense to use a subsidized one instead of a market home loan and meet a number of conditions (age, marital status, public debt relief, presentation of bills on a construction loan, etc.)

From the banks’ point of view

  • or interest rates go up because the banks all decide that. Market equilibrium can be maintained if the current interest rate differential of 2-3 percent between subsidized and market loans remains unchanged.

So if we think about borrowing, but we would wait to see if credit rates are going to turn out well, we can count on the above.

You can also take out a state-subsidized GFIC loan for a used home, property purchased before July 1st!

The baby-sitting family is now lucky if the sales contract is pushed out until May and then they can get the GFIC credit.

Loans with a maximum interest rate


According to the Act, “after July 1, GFIC loans with a maximum interest rate of up to 3% and up to HUF 15 million can be used for the purchase of used homes and houses.

  • By comparison, the 20-year market loan, compared to that, has $ 4.68 million less to repay throughout the term.
  • Demand is changing and real estate prices are expected to rise further with the extension of the GFIC loan. It is worthwhile to contract for an apartment in May or after, as this will help you buy your property at a better price, which could also mean millions in financial savings.
  • By law, the JTM limit changes from July 1st. The debt stop rule determines the percentage of income that can be used to repay a loan. The restriction will require a higher net income to be credited to the bank to prevent debtors from taking on more than their ability to bear! The same loan installment will then require a higher net verifiable income.

For this to happen, the following conditions must be met:

The payment deadline must be kept


  • When buying a used or newly built property: within 180 days after the conclusion of the contract of sale, you must submit your claim to the bank. At the end of April, it is enough to arrange our claim in October.
  • In case of extension of used real estate subject to a building permit: the application must be submitted before receiving the permit for the use.
  • In the case of construction: the application must be submitted before the permit for use or before the issue of an official certificate of construction.

Pay attention to the payment schedule!


The GFIC can only be requested for the purchase of the current property, it cannot be claimed for an existing housing purpose.

If you enter into a purchase agreement for a used home before July 1, you have 180 days to submit your application. Good to know and important to have

“The non-refundable GFIC grant and the preferential GFIC loan may only be used for the purchase of real estate.”

Care should be taken to keep the purchase price of the property at least as much as we can pay out of the subsidy and the loan amount.

A good tip from a specialist: Make a home loan purchase so that only the deposit is paid out until a successful credit assessment, and you will have less risk of rejection.

Therefore, it is advisable to seek the help of a credit expert who is familiar with banking practice so that you can map in advance the success of your credit assessment.

Pay attention to payment deadlines!


When paying for the last installment of a GFIC + GFIC loan, pay attention that it may take up to 30 days to qualify for the grant, plus it will take several days to sign the grant agreement and pay out the money! There is already a lot of interest in the expanded GFIC loan in advance, so we can be prepared that the lead times described above may be longer than shortened.

All the information about a new family home improvement discount and home loans are available in one place upon request. We answer individual cases, explore the most important practical issues, and help adjust to the new GFIC.

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